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Statement By CEDM Directors on Carnegie Mellon News Page

Through its many educational efforts and the work of its research centers, Carnegie Mellon University is a world leader on issues of energy, climate and air pollution. As scientists who have dedicated ourselves to research on a wide range of issues related to energy and climate, we write to express our grave concern about the […]

Azevedo Interviewed by WESA on Trump’s Clean Coal Plan

“‘Clean coal could only be clean coal if you have very aggressive air control technologies implemented and (are also) addressing the CO2 emissions by installing carbon capture and sequestration in parallel,’ [Azevedo] said. ‘But that’s really hard.’ “Azevedo said it’s hard because it’s expensive. Despite the fact that academics first began exploring carbon capture and […]

Climate Central Quotes Azevedo

Bobby Magill quoted Ines Azevedo in his piece “Electricity’s Carbon Footprint in U.S. Shrinks, Sets Record”. “Climate pollution from generating electricity is now more than 24 percent below where it was in 2005, said Ines Azevedo, an associate professor of engineering and public policy at Carnegie Mellon University, whose research team’s Power Sector Carbon Index […]

Our piece on carbon footprints for cities was selected as the Editor’s Featured Article in ERL!

Our piece on “An integrated approach for estimating greenhouse gas emissions from 100 U.S. metropolitan areas” has been selected as an “Editor’s Featured Article”! You can see this and other feature articles at: http://iopscience.iop.org/collection/10/1?collectionType=FEATURED_ARTICLES&journal=1748-9326&subject=&online_date=all Congratulations to Sam Markolf, Scott Mathhews and Chris Hendrickson who were also co-authors in this piece!