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Eric Hittinger and Inês Azevedo recently published a piece in ES&T titled: “Bulk Energy Storage Increases United States Electricity System Emissions”

“Bulk energy storage is generally considered an important contributor for the transition toward a more flexible and sustainable electricity system. Although economically valuable, storage is not fundamentally a “green” technology. Hittinger and Azevedo model the economic and emissions effects of bulk energy storage providing an energy arbitrage service. They find that net system CO2 emissions […]

Researchers Propose Solutions To Reduction in Revenue from Gasoline Tax

Researchers from Carnegie Mellon University’s College of Engineering have found that an increased adoption of electric vehicles (EVs) would result in reduced consumption of gasoline and consequently a decrease in gasoline tax revenue that currently supports infrastructure development and maintenance in the U.S. The scientists say the loss of tax revenue could be between $200 […]