Congratulations to Alan Jenn

My former PhD student Dr. Alan Jenn, has just started a new postdoc position at UC Davis! Congratulations Alan!

Congratulations to Ahmed Abdullah

My former PhD student and postdoc Dr. Ahmed Abdullah, has just started a new postdoc position at UC San Diego! Sincerest congratulations Ahmed!

Congratulations to Julian Lamy

My student Julian Lamy is currently interning as a summer scholar for DOE’s ARPA-E program: Congrats Julian, it should be a great experience!

Congratulations to Ivonne Peña

My former PhD student Dr. Ivonne Peña has just joined NREL where she will be working on issues related to the integration of wind and solar! Warm congratulations Ivonne! Ivonne Peña is currently an Electric Systems Modeler at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) in Golden, CO. She is a part of the Transmission Grid Integration Group (TGIG), under the Power Systems Engineering Center (PSE), working with Bri-Mathias Hodge and Carlo Brancucci Martínez-Anido. Ivonne is performing production-cost analysis of the ISO New England transmission grid, the IEEE 18 bus-test system and the Western Interconnect System under different renewable energy penetration scenarios.

Congratulations to Russell Meyer

My former PhD student Dr. Russell Meyer, has just switched jobs and joined the NMR Group, based in Boston, as Quantitative Analyst doing energy efficiency program evaluation! Congratulations Russ!

Eric Hittinger and Inês Azevedo recently published a piece in ES&T titled: “Bulk Energy Storage Increases United States Electricity System Emissions”

“Bulk energy storage is generally considered an important contributor for the transition toward a more flexible and sustainable electricity system. Although economically valuable, storage is not fundamentally a “green” technology. Hittinger and Azevedo model the economic and emissions effects of bulk energy storage providing an energy arbitrage service. They find that net system CO2 emissions resulting from storage operation are nontrivial when compared to the emissions from electricity generation.”